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In Case You Haven't Noticed, Zachary Quinto Is a Walking Thirst Trap
Wed, 19 Jul 2017 15:44:00 GMT
Fans of American Horror Story and 2009's Star Trek reboot franchise have been crushing hard on zachary quinto for years. The 40-year-old actor isn't afraid to show off his silly side, and his adorable four-year relationship with model Miles McMillan is ...
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EXCLUSIVE: Zachary Quinto Talks Finding Love, 'Star Trek 4' Updates & If Spock Will Beam Into 'Discovery'!
Wed, 12 Jul 2017 13:40:00 GMT
zachary quinto is fully thriving in his forties! The Star Trek actor, who turned 40 last month, has achieved massive success at the box office with a hit big-screen franchise, found "the one" with his longtime boyfriend, Miles McMillan, and is now bringing ...
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Star Trek 4 Script Is Not Finished Yet Says Zachary Quinto
Fri, 14 Jul 2017 10:38:00 GMT
Back in December, Simon Pegg confirmed that work on the Star Trek 4 script has begun, with the writer teaming up with his Star Trek Beyond partner Doug Jung to knock out the story. There hasn't been much on the project since then, but today we have word ...
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Zachary Quinto has found 'the one' in Miles McMillan
Fri, 14 Jul 2017 09:41:00 GMT
zachary quinto has found "the one" in boyfriend Miles Mcmillan. The Star Trek Beyond actor began dating the artist and model in the summer of 2013, and they now live together in Manhattan. Zachary often shares romantic snaps of him cosying up to his ...
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What's Going On With Star Trek 4, According To Zachary Quinto
Sun, 16 Jul 2017 14:14:00 GMT
If I had [an update] I would give it to you. I'm expecting [the news of a fourth movie] to be true, but it's always this way. It's like, 'Yes, we're going to do it!' but then there's always a process -- writing a script being primary among them -- and I ...
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Zachary Quinto Ready To Quit Being Spock
Wed, 12 Jul 2017 12:15:00 GMT
Star Trek actor zachary quinto who plays the role of Spock made famous by predecessor Leonard Nimoy is in no rush to return for the filming of the fourth installment of the series reboot! The ungrateful 40-year-old has admitted to pals he was ...
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Zachary Quinto on saving tigers, Trump, and why hashtag activism is the real deal.
Fri, 14 Jul 2017 15:15:00 GMT
Actor zachary quinto ("Star Trek," "Heroes," "American Horror Story") talks to Upworthy about his involvement with tiger-saving campaign #3890Tigers, Trump, breakfast cereals and tigers again. This interview has been condensed and edited ...
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Zachary Quinto is on a mission to save the world's 3,890 remaining tigers from extinction
Thu, 13 Jul 2017 07:24:00 GMT
From Fred Flinstone hawking Winston Cigarettes in the 1960s to Lo Bosworth shilling activated charcoal margaritas earlier this year, it's hard to know what brands or causes celebrities really care about versus what they are being paid to feign interest in.
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Quinto: Tigers Are Worth Saving
Fri, 21 Jul 2017 06:50:00 GMT
Star Trek Beyond's zachary quinto is now the face of the World Wildlife Fund's #3890 Tigers fundraising campaign. Quinto became interested in the topic after seeing Kate Brooks' The Last Animals film, which "documents the heroic work of ...
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Zachary Quinto Is a Business-Casual Office Style Hero
Tue, 11 Jul 2017 23:00:00 GMT
Take what Quinto wore to Outfest in Los Angeles last week, for example. Slim-straight black trousers, burnished-leather dress shoes, and black-frame glasses are basically a starter kit for the "guy who keeps getting promoted" (you know the type), and the ...
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