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Meryl Streep & Cher Fought Off An Attacker Together & The Internet Is Loving This Story
Sat, 18 Nov 2017 14:29:00 GMT
If the Committee to Protect Journalists' International Press Freedom Awards doesn't sound like the place for invigorating celebrity news, you're not listening closely enough. At the 27th annual ceremony in New York on Nov. 16, it was revealed that Meryl ...
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Meryl Streep Opened Up About The Time She And Cher Physically Fought Off An Attacker Together
Sat, 18 Nov 2017 11:25:00 GMT
"I do know something about real terror," she said. "The two times in my life when I was threatened and dealt with real physical violence, I learned something about life that I wouldn't have known otherwise and I was lucky because my instincts served me well.
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Meryl Streep and Cher Stopped an Attacker Together
Sat, 18 Nov 2017 06:20:00 GMT
During the Committee to Protect Journalists' annual awards on Wednesday, Meryl Streep took the stage with a surprise speech about physical violence that she had experienced in her life. According to the Daily Beast, Streep was originally at the event to ...
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Meryl Streep Says She 'Dealt with Real Physical Violence' and That Cher Was There
Thu, 16 Nov 2017 10:40:00 GMT
Meryl Streep opened up about two harrowing experiences she's had with physical violence during a surprise speech at the annual awards for the Committee to Protect Journalists on Wednesday. The Oscar winner appeared at the event to thank journalists for ...
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Meryl Streep Went After an Abuser With Cher, and Won
Sat, 18 Nov 2017 13:23:00 GMT
Lending her voice to the chorus of brave women who are speaking out against sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood, Meryl Streep has revealed two instances in which she was subjected to "real terror" and "real physical violence" in her life.
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Meryl Streep says she and Cher once stopped a mugging: 'I just went completely nuts'
Fri, 17 Nov 2017 11:28:00 GMT
Meryl Streep and cher in 2003. Evan Agostini/Getty Images Meryl Streep said she and cher once stopped a mugger in New York City. The event may have happened in the early 1980s, when the two were filming "Silkwood" in NYC. You can watch Streep's full ...
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Meryl Streep recalls two violent incidents, saying Cher witnessed one of them
Fri, 17 Nov 2017 20:04:00 GMT
MERYL Streep says the two times in her life she dealt with violence were so profound it changed her "on a cellular level." Streep, 68, made the remarks at the Committee to Protect Journalists' 27th annual International Press Freedom Awards in New York.
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Meryl Streep says she's dealt with 'real physical violence' twice in her life -- and one time, Cher was there
Sat, 18 Nov 2017 08:58:00 GMT
"In the second instance, someone else was being abused and I just went completely nuts and went after this man. Ask cher, she was there. And the thug ran away, it was a miracle."
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Meryl Streep 'played dead until the blows stopped' during violent attack and was once beaten in front of Cher
Sat, 18 Nov 2017 14:00:00 GMT
A TEARY-EYED Meryl Streep struggled to recall the times she was violently attacked but did say she "played dead until the blows stopped" during one episode. The 68-year-old said she only survived the two incidents because of her female instinct. Meryl ...
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Meryl Streep says she dealt with physical violence and Cher was present
Fri, 17 Nov 2017 12:32:00 GMT
Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep revealed she was faced with physical violence twice. On Wednesday, Streep spoke at the Committee to Protect Journalists' 27th annual International Press Freedom Awards in New York where she revealed the terrifying ...
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